Barbara Prebble...

Has over 10 years of experience working with government, neighborhood and non-profit organizations developing membership, promoting participation, planning programs, building community through collaboration and coordinated communications.  15 years experience producing media programs and marketing high technology presentation services for Atlanta area corporations and production companies.  8 years secondary level teaching experience.

  • Promote participation, membership, products and services. 

  • Plan meetings, workshops and public involvement activities.   

  • Produce newsletters, web site content and videos.   

  • Write news stories, media releases, brochure copy, reports, grant applications and training materials.   

  • Manage volunteers, contractors and budgets.   

  • Compute with business, database, web design and presentation graphics software.

  • Focus on community relations, public affairs, urban planning, environment, transportation,  economic development, tourism.

  • Clients & Constituents represent a cross section of industry sectors.

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