Plans Projects & Initiatives

Change making can be a long and complicated process. If we are doing it right, we always have plans and projects at every stage of development.  The following is an overview of SSRI plans, projects and initiatives that speak to an award-winning revitalization program.  SSRI managed activities are highlighted in blue (Excerpt from  Marketing Communications report to donors, August 2002).


Planning & Urban Design ~ Putting the “There” There


Goal:  The urban design component of the Sandy Springs Revitalization program aims to improve the function and character of the business district, creating visual coherence, focus, and a sense of place; it encourages quality development and redevelopment, public and private.

Sept. 1993

Fulton County Adopts Sandy Springs Revitalization Plan (Fulton County)

March 1996

Initiate Community Design Groups to develop plans for neighborhood sidewalks, traffic management, bikeways, parks and open space (SSRI)

Jan. 1998

Sandy Springs Neighborhood Framework Plan adopted (SSRI)

April 1998

Fulton County adopts Sandy Springs Overlay Ordinance which  upgrades existing standards in the Overlay District (FulCo, SSRI)

Nov. 1998

Fulton County Establishes Sandy Springs Design Review Board to provide local input on zoning and design decisions in the Overlay District (FulCo, SSRI)

Oct. 1999

Dorothy C. Benson Senior Complex dedicated (FulCo)

August 2000

Sign Topper Identity Program (Leadership Sandy Springs)

Jan. 2001

Sandy Springs Market Study completed (SSRI)

June 2001

Livable Centers Initiative/Livable Sandy Springs Plan proposes sweeping changes in land use, design standards, zoning, circulation and economic restructuring – i.e. creation of a town center, encouraging mixed-use development and affordable housing, completing the street grid, with pedestrian and transit-oriented circulation,  creation of a Tax Allocation District to fund improvements.  (SSRI)

May 2002

Sandy Springs Overlay Ordinance update  (SSRI, FulCo, Design Review Board)


Sandy Springs Street Lighting Program (SSRI, Georgia Power)


Private Development Design Oversight  (SSRI)


Sandy Springs Town Center Facility Plan (SSRI)

Transportation & Circulation ~ Designing for Livable Streets

Goal:  With continued growth in Sandy Springs and the traffic pressures brought on by this growth, SSRI is committed to advancing transportation plans and infrastructure improvements that will reduce traffic congestion, improve circulation and complement the planned economic development of the area.

June 1996

Develop Abernathy Parkway Schematic Design (SSRI)

May 1997

Dedicate Roswell Road Demonstration Streetscape.  Illustrates requirements for public and private streetscape projects in the Overlay District. (SSRI, FulCo)

March 1999

Sandy Springs Circle Extension groundbreaking.  Construction complete March 2000 (FulCo)

Nov. 1999

SSRI Awarded $5.5 Million for Transit Oriented Streetscape Improvements along Roswell Road and Johnson Ferry Road.  Hire staff and consultants for design June 2000 (SSRI, FulCo, ARC).

Dec. 1999

Hammond Drive Improvement Plan (FulCo)

Oct. 2000

Perimeter Circulator Study, Steering Committee Completed (Perimeter CID)

Dec. 2000

Ribbon-cutting for two new Sandy Springs MARTA Rail Stations (MARTA)

April 2001

Signalization and Mast Arms Project Completed (GDOT, FulCo)

Sept. 2001

Marietta to Lawrenceville/I-285 Transit Corridor Study Completed (ARC)

Under Contract

Sandy Springs Transit Oriented Streetscape Roswell Road/Johnson Ferry Road (SSRI)


Roswell Rd/I-285 Interchange Redesign (GDOT)


Abernathy/Johnson Ferry Roadway Design (GDOT)


Initiate and participate in Fulton County CID & Perimeter Transportation Coalition (SSRI)


Participate in local, regional and state transportation planning activities including: Fulton County Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP); ARC Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)


Ga. 400 Corridor Study/Northern Sub Area Study (GRTA)

Under Contract

Sandy Springs Grid Analysis Plan (SSRI)

Under Contract

Roswell Road Streetscape south of Hammond (SSRI)


Sandy Springs Circle (Roswell Rd. to Cliftwood) +  Hammond Dr. (Roswell Rd. to SS Circle) Pedestrian Improvements recommended in draft 2003 – 2005 TIP for LCI funding (SSRI)

Maintenance & Code Enforcement ~ Keeping Up Appearances

Goal:  To improve the appearance of the business district through regular maintenance, code enforcement, beautification and renovation activities.

Apr. 2000

“Big Sweep” community cleanup event.  SSRI partners with Keep Sandy Springs –NF Beautiful, Fulton County, private businesses and community volunteers to clean up Roswell Road, focusing on trash removal, landscape maintenance and proper wastewater disposal. (SSRI, SSBA, KSSNFB and partners)


Evergreen Recognition Awards offer monthly recognition and media coverage for businesses beautification activities (SSRI, SSBA and KSSNFB)

June 2001

Roswell Rd./I-285 Beautification Project.  New sidewalk and landscaping for a dilapidated section of Roswell Road.   (SSRI, SSBA, FulCo, private businesses)

Under Contract

Sandy Springs Business District Maintenance Contract negotiated June 2001, renewed June 2002  (SSRI, SSBA)


Code Enforcement.  Work with county departments to improve and enforce ordinances – signs, graffiti, dumping, stormwater. (SSRI, SSBA)

Economic Development ~ Creating Destination Sandy Springs

Goal:  To promote the Sandy Springs business district as a premiere retail, service and dining destination for area residents and regional visitors; to enhance Sandy Springs’ competitive position in the metro marketplace; to provide a forum and a voice for business on issues affecting the community.


Initiate  Storefront Improvements 1994

July, 1998

Initiate Sandy Springs Merchandising Plan (SSRI)

Dec. 1998

Launch Sandy Springs Business Association (SSRI)

Feb. 2000

Host Japanese trade visit, Japanese External Trade Organization or JETRO. (SSRI)


Participate on the Fulton County Economic Development Team with the City of Alpharetta, the City of Roswell, the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce, and the Fulton County Department of Economic Development. (SSRI, SSBA)


Business District Promotional Events:  “Celebrate Sandy Springs for the Holidays” event, Dec. 2000, Dec. 2001, Dec. 2002.  “Discover the Treasures of Sandy Springs” event, Oct. 1999, Oct. 2001.  “Style Is Nothing New Fashion Show and Silent Auction” event to benefit the Sandy Springs Community Action Center, April 2001, April 2002   (SSRI, SSBA)


SSBA membership recruitment and retention.  Publish Sandy Springs Business Directory, print and online.  (SSBA)


SSBA Breakfast Programs, monthly and Retail Roundtable, quarterly. (SSBA)



Neighborhoods ~ A New Approach To Quality Living

Goal:  To protect and preserve quality of life for residential neighborhoods, particularly those in and around the commercial district.

Aug. 1998

Whispering Pines Phase I Neighborhood Streetscape & Traffic Calming (SSRI, FulCo)

Sept. 1998

Copeland Road Revitalization Plan (SSRI, FulCo)

June 1999

Branches  Neighborhood Traffic Calming Project (SSRI, FulCo)

July 1999

River Valley Neighborhood Concept Plan completed (SSRI, FulCo)

June 2000

Support start up of Sandy Springs Council of Neighborhoods (Sandy Springs Civic Roundtable, SSRI)

Oct. 2001

Whispering Pines Phase II Pedestrian Lighting (SSRI)

Mar. 2002

Mt. Vernon Woods Neighborhood Traffic Calming Plan initiated 1999, construction completed 2002 (SSRI)

Under Contract

Glenridge Hammond Neighborhood Master Plan & Traffic Calming Design (SSRI)

Under Contract

River Valley Rd. Neighborhood Streetscape and Traffic Calming Design (SSRI)

Under Contract

Northwood Drive Day Labor Facility (SSRI)

Under Contract

Mt. Vernon Parkway (SSRI)

Parks & Greenspace ~ Greening Sandy Springs

Goal:  To develop and enhance public places and spaces providing for adequate parks, greenspace and recreational facilities to serve the community.

Jan. 2001

Joined with other civic groups to lobby the County to fund the Williams-Payne Park Expansion, as part of revitalization goal to create a civic district (Sandy Springs Civic Roundtable, SSRI)


Led effort to establish Fulton County Tree Planting Program.  Oversee tree planting in public areas as per tree banking provisions of Fulton County Tree Ordinance.  (SSRI)


Led effort to establish a Fulton County Parks Master Plan (Sandy Springs Civic Roundtable, SSRI)


Support activities and start up of Sandy Springs Conservancy (Sandy Springs Civic Roundtable, SSRI)

Under Contract

Great Park at Morgan Falls Master Plan (Sandy Springs Civic Roundtable, SSRI)

Under Contract

Great Park at Morgan Falls Pedestrian Bridge (Sandy Springs Civic Roundtable, SSRI)


Led effort to coordinate Regional Greenway System planning  (Sandy Springs Civic Roundtable, SSRI)

Marketing & Communications ~Promote!  Promote!  Promote!

Goal:  To communicate SSRI message, activities and progress to government, businesses, citizens and donors.

Jan. 2002

Adopted a new organizational identity for Sandy Springs Revitalization and the Sandy Springs Business Association including new logos and template designs that will be applied to newsletter, brochures, pamphlets, direct mail and web site. (SSRI)


Public Involvement:  Livable Sandy Springs Plan (LCI Plan).  Neighborhood Design Plans for Whispering Pines, Northwood Drive, Mount Vernon Woods, River Valley Rd.  Assist GDOT with Roswell/I-285 and Johnson Ferry/Abernathy Citizens Advisory Committees.  Great Park at Morgan Falls Cleanup. (SSRI)


Presentations & Events:  Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Conference Savannah; International Downtown Association (IDA) Conference Pittsburg; FulCo Commissioners Budget presentations; Developer/Property Owner Reception and Presentation; ARC Developer Trade Show; Sandy Springs Festival; SSRI Annual Meeting.  (SSRI/SSBA); Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce Business Summit


Research and apply for public and private grants.  Track public funding opportunities.


BLUEPRINT, donor, member relations.  Maintain regular contact with mailings, e-mail, newsletter, surveys and special communications on hot issues.


Milestone Newsletter:  First 4-page bw newsletter published beginning in 1996.  Upgraded newsletter masthead, publish first full color 8-page issues issue April 2002.  Newsletter circulation expanded to 8,500.   (SSRI)


Direct Mail & Database.   Print and electronic communications target businesses, residents, civic groups and government agencies within the Sandy Springs Overlay District and around the Atlanta region.


Sandy Springs Community Web Site and E-mail Network (SSRI)


Media Coverage:  Georgia Trend, AJC; Atlanta Business Chronicle, Sandy Springs Neighbor, Dunwoody Crier, Creative Loafing, FGTV (SSRI)


Advertising:  Georgia Trend, AJC and local newspapers, Greater North Fulton Guide (SSRI)

Sept. 1999

Awards:  Outstanding Plan Implementation by American Planning Association, Sept. 1999; Sprit of Sandy Springs Award to five SSRI Board Members over the past seven years by the Sandy Springs Society; Beautification Award and Community Light Award presented by Keep Sandy Springs North Fulton Beautiful.  (SSRI/SSBA)

Finance & Fundraising ~ Looking To The Future

Goal:  To procure short-term and long-term funding for Sandy Springs Revitalization, Inc. redevelopment programs.


SSRI Incorporates, hires full-time Project Manager, establishes offices at 100 Allen Road.  Operations funded primarily by annual allocations from Fulton County supplemented with private donations, grants and memberships.

July 1998

BLUEPRINT Sandy Springs campaign raises a million dollars in private funding to carry out SSRI five-year Strategic Plan.


Prepare redevelopment plan to establish a Tax Allocation District.  Anticipate for completion before Dec. 2003. (SSRI/FulCo)


Private Fundraising Campaign (SSRI)