In 1998, residents in the Amberidge subdivision appealed to Fulton County to address traffic issues on River Valley Road.  With support from District Commissioner Tom Lowe,  Fulton County allocated funds for a Neighborhood Master Plan for the residential corridor located between Riverside Drive and Johnson Ferry Road in west Sandy Springs.  The primary goal of the project was to develop approaches to calming traffic on a beautiful neighborhood street that had become a regional conduit.

The project got underway in 1999.  Sandy Springs Revitalization, Inc. was contracted to manage the planning process with design consultants Alta Mira, Glatting Jackson and Grice Associates.  Residents participated in the hands-on solution to their traffic problems at a visioning workshop held in April.  In June SSRI sponsored a community transportation form called "Transportation Design for Livable Streets" which attracted a region-wide audience to learn from the experts about traffic calming.


Barb Prebble performed a dual role on this project both as a private citizen and SSRI staffer -- chairing the neighborhood committee that led the design to completion, and as the SSRI Marketing Communications Manager, coordinating all of the public involvement.


With the design in hand, SSRI and Fulton County applied for $1.3 million dollars in federal transportation enhancement funds, to be combined with local matching funds from Fulton County.  When ARC released the draft 2003 - 2005 TIP, the River Valley construction funds has mysteriously vanished.  Thanks to quick action by Marketing Communications and the active support of neighborhood residents and elected officials, the funds have now been reinstated.  Fulton County anticipates that engineering will begin in 2003.


Pictured:  Helen Tapp reviews proposed traffic calming schematic design at the Livable Streets presentation.