Currently Sandy Springs has 260.2 acres of parkland for 80,000 plus residents -- less than 1/3 the park space recommended for such an urban community by national standards.

Just a little over two years ago, civic leaders working under the umbrella of the Sandy Springs Civic Roundtable began a program to identify and fund new parks and greenspace programs for the Sandy Springs Community.

Civic Roundtable Accomplishments Since 2000:

(1) Lobbied Fulton County successfully to allocate county funds to expand the Williams-Payne Historic Site and Park as an urban gathering place and historic education center. ($1.4 million)

(2) Lobbied Fulton County to begin a countywide Parks and Recreation Master Plan ($350,000)

(3) Lobbied Fulton County to establish a Countywide Tree Planting Program funded from the Fulton County Capital Improvements Program budget. Created Trees Sandy Springs. ($% of CIP annually, $80,000 in 2001).

(4) Worked with Fulton County to assemble public and private properties as the future  Great Park at Morgan Falls. The Great Park Master Plan will bring together active and passive components including the Morgan Falls Forest Preserve, existing Fulton County Youth Park, existing Eagle Golf course, and a Morgan Falls Pedestrian Bridge which will link to existing parks and paths in Cobb County.

(5) Organized a public meeting to encourage civic participation and funding for the new programs.

(6)  Organized a private meeting with the Fulton County Commissioners and staff to garner support for funding.

(7) Established the Sandy Springs Conservancy as a non-profit organization to carry on the greenspace program initiated by the Civic Roundtable.  The Conservancy with Keep Sandy Springs Beautiful carried out a major volunteer cleanup over two weekends in early 2002, and is working on identified projects.

Barb Prebble, as a board member of the Civic Roundtable during this period, and as Marketing Communications Manager for SSRI, contributed to this effort primarily by providing newsletter, web site, e-mail network and meeting planning support for the public involvement aspects of the initiative.

Pictured above l-r:  Ed McBrayer with the Path Foundation, and Linda Bain and Joey Mayson representing the newly formed Sandy Springs Conservancy present an update on the parks initiative at a Sandy Springs Business Association breakfast meeting.

(1) Williams-Payne expansion; (2) Sprounting Trees Sandy Springs (3) Great Park at Morgan Falls.